How Does the Integra Learning Program Work?


The purpose of the Integra Learning Program is to clear blockages that hinder natural development while engaging the brain, body, and soul in such a way that it improves the way the brain functions and connects with the rest of the body, leading to improvements in how children feel and function in daily lives.


Did you know the brain can change and rewire at any age?


Change in the brain can refer to new pathways being formed or connections becoming stronger and more efficient. Rewiring the brain refers to opening pathways that were blocked for different reasons.


New pathways are formed through sensory stimulation, life experiences and new information. Opening of pathways can be accomplished through releasing blockages at different levels of the human being, getting rid of systemic toxicity, and providing solid nutritional and supplementation protocols.   


When new pathways in the brain are formed or open, the brain’s ability to perform cognitive and physical tasks is  improved. The strength and integration of our cognitive and physical skills build our ability to have successful executive functions - impacting our attention, decision-making and comprehension.

Improvements can be seen in:

  • Focus in school or in conversations

  • Learning and behaving at an age-appropriate level

  • Mood and anxiety levels

  • Comprehension and reasoning

  • Problem solving and self-motivation

Little Boy Jumping

What is it like being in the Integra Learning Program?


A day in the life of an Integra Learning child looks different based on the needs of your child and whether you enrolled in the Accelerator Sensory Motor program or the Whole Enchilada Holistic program. In both programs, the days will be filled with wonder and discoveries!

At Home, Parent-Led with Virtual Instruction


Each week we’ll meet virtually with I will show you the exercises you’ll perform with your child over the course of the week. At the next week’s virtual meeting, your child will perform the activities and exercises with you and I together to see where we are at.


These coaching sessions will also serve as a space for you to ask questions, troubleshoot, and assess your child’s progress.

If you are enrolled in the Whole Enchilada Holistic program we will also address nutrition, detox, and the clearing of blockages with homeopathic remedies as outlined in your personalized plan. 


For best long-lasting results you need to commit to the program for at least 3 to 6 months. Remember that working with the whole child means going at their pace, giving space for release,  clearing, restoration and growth.

Are you interested in just one component of the program? No problem, I can also partner with you to work only on an individual component, although the impact could be limited.

Get started with a plan for your child today!