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Unlock your child's learning potential naturally and make breakthroughs possible.

If your child has been diagnosed with a learning, social or behavioral challenge - or your suspect it-, we can help to speed up neurological development to unlock their gifts without the use of drugs .

My approach and commitment to you are:


  • To support your knowledge and understanding to feel empowered and confident in your journey with your child

  • To offer you science-based, simple, and proven tools  you can apply right away at home

  • To honour, respect, and support your intuition and the sacred relationship you have with your child


Above all, I want you to know that you are not alone and that there is hope for your child to unlock their gifts and live a fuller life!

Sensory Integration Therapies

Whether a child may be unable to pay attention or sit still or have frequent emotional outbursts, eating or sleeping difficulties, social struggles, or has any number of learning issues; all of them are unique and bright in their own right.

Sadly, is not uncommon nowadays, that our children come to us with systemic challenges and struggles that interfere with their development and prevent them to feel at ease in their bodies.

This is often the result of a combination of factors that block the natural flow of interrelated physical and energetic systems affecting the whole child. These factors include environmental toxins, nutrition, lack of natural movement, overstimulation,  accidents, major medical interventions, emotional events, and inherited epigenetic pre-dispositions among others.

At Integra Learning, I focus on understanding your child's struggles at the root. Helping them restore balance through our holistic, evidence-based, and personalized methods.

I do not require a medical diagnosis, nor do I clinically diagnose medical conditions. I believe a holistic approach is always the best way forward because it gives your child a better chance to unlock their full potential by addressing all areas of development that need support.

I support the whole family and partner with you to see your child shine as he/she walks the path of self-healing and discovery. If you are ready to start the journey please book now a 15 minute Free discovery session!

Are you unsure if your child might need extra help in their learning journey?

Download the quiz now and find out!

Standing Toddler

Natural Health + Whole food + Movement and  Play =

Unlocking your child's potential!


I am so glad you are here!

Really! If you made it this far, it means you are fiercely determined to find whatever it takes to help your child. Even if it means going "against the grain"


Well, I would say you are unapologetically "brave"!

And possibly you and I have much more in common than you'd think.

Sandra Valle, Doctor in Medical Helikunst and Homeopathy, Waldorf educator, certified Learning Support Specialist, and Brain and Sensory practitioner.

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