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Unlock your child's learning potential naturally

If your child has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, anxiety, or other behavioral challenges, I can help your child improve neurological connections and balance their symptoms  without the use of drugs .

If your child:

  • Struggles to stay focused and pay attention

  • Needs to move constantly

  • Has frequent emotional outbursts

  • Has sleeping difficulties

  • Is a "picky-eater" and has GI issues

  • Stumbles on things or trips frequently

  • Has allergies, especially food allergies

  • Struggles with transitions and changes

  • Is sensitive to noise, light or different textures

  • Suffers from chronic infections

  • Has learning challenges

He/she might have an underdeveloped sensory-motor system with immature neurological connections.


Sadly, is not uncommon nowadays, that our

children come to us with systemic challenges and struggles that interfere with their natural development and prevent them from feeling at ease in their bodies.


This is often the result of a combination of factors that block the natural flow of interrelated physical and energetic systems affecting the whole child.


The good news is that those blocks can be cleared and symptoms can be alleviated by applying proven systematic natural therapies that will jumpstart your child's rebalancing process and -in some instances-, completely be reversed.

Factors that affect natural development

  • Environmental toxins

  • Lack of specific nutrients

  • Mycotoxins & and colonization of mold and parasites

  • Overstimulation with electronics and EMFs

  • Lack of natural movement

  • Major medical interventions

  • Allergic reactions to drugs and vaccinations

  • Mental and emotional traumas

  • Traumatic birth experience and lack of bonding with mom

  • Inherited physical, mental, and emotional epigenetic pre-dispositions

You can help your child remove factors that affect their development with an integrative approach that supports the whole child!

Brocoli and pesticide.jpg

Supporting the WHOLE child

1. Biomedical nutritional

intervention  and therapeutic diets

2. Detoxification of mycotoxins,  fungal and parasite



3. Sensory-Motor Integration

4. High dilution remedies

5. Sequential Bioenergetic clearing of trauma

Are you unsure if your child might need extra help in their learning journey?

Download the quiz now and find out!

Standing Toddler

Natural Health + Whole food + Movement and  Play =


Unlocking your child's potential!


I am so glad you are here! 

If you made it this far, you are fiercely determined to find whatever it takes to help your child. Even if it means going "against the grain".


Well, I would say you are unapologetically brave!

And possibly you and I have much more in common than you'd think.

Sandra Valle, Doctor in Medical Helikunst and Homeopathy, Waldorf educator, certified Learning Support Specialist, Brain and Sensory practitioner.

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