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My name is Sandra Valle and I help children unlock their potential through movement, play, wholesome food, and natural therapies.

My vision is to walk along with parents and caregivers to trust their intuition and build their confidence while supporting their children at their own pace, at their own time.


I am so glad you are here! If you are a little like me, you have probably been following your intuition and courageously searching for alternative ways to raise your children that resonate with their natural development and growth.

Twenty years ago, I was exactly in that spot raising my own children. To me it looked like there were many holes in the system -education, medicine, media- and I was seeking a natural and wholesome way with the least invasive interventions to help my children grow happy and healthy.

There were not a lot of resources available back then and but I held tight to my intuition while pursuing a great variety of degrees and certifications to support what I called my “unapologetic” natural motherhood.


Today after 21 years of motherhood, I am a Doctor in Medical Heilkunst and Homeopathy. I am certified as a Waldorf Educator, Learning Support specialist, and Brain and Sensory practitioner.


As a mom, homeopath, and teacher, I have had the privilege of working with children of varied cultural backgrounds and neuro diversities. I've had not only the opportunity to have a birds-eye view of the things that can affect children's learning and development, but I have also applied practical solutions in everyday situations with boots on the ground.

Autism Spectrum Therapies


Integra Learning was born organically as a natural approach to education and health based on evidence-based natural medicine and the combination of all my specialties and experiences with children in the classroom.


It was also born out of the immense need of a truly integrative and non-materialistic approach to child development, especially in the face of the myriad of complex challenges our children face today. 


It feels daunting to me sometimes, but nothing compares to the greatest joy when you witness a child shine and step into their full potential when they receive the support they need.


If you are ready to embark in an unapologetic, courageous journey of discovery, following natural law and under the guidance of your child’s destiny, I am here to help. I will lock arms with you, to support your unique child and the sacred relationship you have.


Raising your child is the most important thing you will ever do, and I would be honored to walk with you in reverence and awe at the miracle of your developing child!


In truth and light,

Sandra Valle

Qualified to help you!

  • DMH -Doctor in Medical Heilkunst

  • Autism Mastery with Dr. Kurt Woeller

  • Waldorf Certified Teacher

  • Waldorf Learning Support specialist

  • Brain and Sensory Foundations with Sonia Story

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