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Plans & Pricing

Our program can be customized to the need of each child and the family.


If you are ready to go all in, the first step is to do an assessment from which I create a six-month personalized treatment that will get address the root of your child's concerns in a holistic approach with the  Whole Enchilada program. If you don't know where to start, book a 30-minute free discovery call and we will figure out together the best way forward for you and your child.

Homeopathic Pills

Holistic Services


Integrative therapy that includes homeopathic, energetic and floral remedies, aromatherapy, detox, and nutritional support as needed.

Initial Consultation


Follow up



Nutritional Coaching

&Allergy Desensitization



Includes coaching on easing sensory issues, identifying food sensitivities, choosing supplements that support brain development, detoxifying gently through food and supplements, guides for meals that pass the test of “picky” eaters.

Bio-resonance Mapping





General Bioenergetic mapping of most resonant frequencies and report.

Daily broadcasting and balancing for 4 weeks after the consultation.

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Sensory-Motor Integration

 Initial Consultation & Assessment

$250 - 2 hours

Two-hour Online coaching for Parent-Led Assessment session at home


Sensory-motor plan for the first month after the assessment.

 Support Sessions

$80 per hour


Individualized lessons based on our Sensory-Motor & Learning Assessment or bring your own assessment if you already have one.


Neurodevelopmental movements and sensory-motor integration activities based on art, singing, and play.

Sensory-Motor Package

Three-Month Accelerator Program

$350 monthly

Learning Support Assessment + 12  sensory-motor and developmental movement sessions:


  • Two-hour Online coaching for Parent-Led Assessment session at home + report.

  • Three months parent-led home plan to follow up

  • 12 individual (one-hour) Learning Support Sessions held once a week.

  • One-hour spot-check assessment at the end of 3 months.

*For a whole classroom assessment please contact me at

The Whole Enchilada Program

Six-Month Sensory-Motor Accelerator and Holistic Package
$300 monthly

Sensory-Motor and Learning Support

  • Two-hour Online coaching for Parent-Led Assessment sessions (in person or at home)

  • 24 individual (one-hour) sessions held once a week

  • Six months parent-led home support plan to follow-up.

  • Two-hour spot-check assessment at the end of  6 months.

Holistic Package

  • Initial consultation for Heilkunst treatment.

  • Six follow-up monthly holistic Helikunst sessions.

  • Detoxification, Nutritional Plan, and Allergy desensitization customized as needed.

  • Acute prescribing as needed (20 min. appointment).


Chris Henley, Teacher

Sandra worked with my Grade Two class for 5 weeks setting up a series of neurodevelopmental games and activities engaging the children from the very beginning. Within just one week I saw improvement in hyperactivity, focus, and emotional regulation. The children became calmer and better able to concentrate throughout the day. Their improved fine motor skills translated to academic improvements in math comprehension, printing, and drawing. I would recommend this to any class teacher that is looking for an innovative approach to meeting their students' needs.

Melissa Darou, Mom

Sandra was my son's class teacher for three years. She is a skilled teacher, who uses her wisdom, skill, and creativity to identify and meet the needs of individual children. Thanks to Sandra, my sensitive, extremely bright, and fidgety son has become a thriving, confident student and class leader. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, mentor, and homeopath

Michelle L., Mom

Our son has been working with Sandra since his diagnosis of ASD in 2020. He continues to make great strides in his development, can focus well on tasks at school, and is better able to understand his emotions and those of others. Sandra is kind, resourceful, and meets our son exactly where he is, encouraging what is best for him as an individual and not what a pre-programmed template might suggest. Her clear communication with parents is a true asset. Thank you, Sandra!

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