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"The overall goal for the Educational Support program is to help unlock children’s gifts and talents through joyful activities, so that they may feel at ease in their body and take up learning in the best way possible."

Sensory Motor Integration

Image by Minnie Zhou

Many of the neurological disorders, learning difficulties, and behavioural challenges that plague children today, often correlate to disruptions in the first 7 years of their lives. This is when a child’s neural foundation is developing. 


In my practice, I help the child recapitulate early experiences; or in some cases, introducing them for the first time, to strengthen the child’s neural foundation for continued learning, as well as social and emotional regulation.

The learning support of my practice is based on the principles of human development described by Rudolf Steiner within the Waldorf pedagogy, further deepened by Audrey MacAllen and her learning support protocols.

I  also incorporate the work of Dr. Harold Bloomberg’s  Rhythmic Movement and Sonia’s Story Brain and Sensory foundations for integration of early movement patterns.

My holistic intervention approach to helping children struggling in school combines the use of natural movement, play, speech, singing and painting.

Children who benefit from Sensory-Motor integration:
  • ADD

  • ADHD

  • Sensory Integration challenges

  • ASD

  • Anxiety

  • Learning challenges

  • OCD, ODD

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