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I lock arms with you and focus on discovering what lies behind your child’s difficulties rather than on the use of labels or diagnosis.

  We work together in a plan that addresses three main components of neurodevelopmental challenges: sensory-motor integration, nutrition, and getting at the root of energetic and chemical toxicity within the system.

    No matter the struggle, our focus will be in the WHOLE child.

The Components of the Program

Heilkunst & Homeopathy

An integrative system that includes an umbrella of natural principles to support the life forces and clear energetic blockages and co-infections in the body at the root cause.

Sensory-Motor Integration

Practical Principles of Waldorf Education incorporated with motor-sensory integration through play, natural movement, and art that speeds up neurological development.

Therapeutic nutrition and detoxification

One on one coaching to support, guide and work through food sensitivities and sensory challenges. Including a nutritional program to build optimum brain nutrition and healthy eating habits.

How Does the Integra Learning Program Work?


The purpose of the Integra Learning Program is to clear blockages that hinder natural development while rewiring the brain and body in such a way that it improves the way the brain functions and connects with the rest of the body.


Rewiring the brain refers to opening pathways that were blocked for different reasons, then new pathways are formed through sensory stimulation, life experiences, and new information.


Opening of pathways can be accomplished through releasing blockages at different levels of the human being, getting rid of systemic toxicity, and providing solid nutritional and supplementation protocols.   


When new pathways in the brain are formed or open, the brain’s ability to perform cognitive and physical tasks is improved. The strength and integration of our cognitive and physical skills impact our attention, decision-making, and comprehension.

Improvements can be seen in:


  • Ability to focus at school and conversations

  • Learning and behaving at age-appropiate level

  • Mood and anxiety

  • Impulse control

  • Self-esteem

  • Comprehension and reasoning

  • Problem solving and self-motivation

  • Sensory-motor challenges

  • Sleeping patterns

  • Eating habits

Happy Child_edited.png

What is it like being in the Integra Learning Program?


A day in the life of an Integra Learning child looks different based on the needs of your child . In any case, the days will be filled with wonder and discoveries!

Parent-Led  online or in person


The first step is to have a comprehensive assessment of where is your child is at. This usually involves filling out a couple of questionnaires and an initial consultation.

Step by step actionable plan


I will give you a simple practical plan that you CAN apply according with your child's needs.


Personalized integrative plan

for real!

Your plan includes :

1. Nutritional supplements

2. Diet plan

3. Detoxification protocols (when needed)

4. Homeopathic remedies

5. Sensory Motor exercises

Length of Plans

For best long-lasting results, you must commit to the program for at least 3 to 6 months. Remember that working with the whole child means going at their pace, giving space for release,  clearing, restoration, and growth.

If at the moment you are only interested in a single component of the program I can do that too, but the results might be limited.


Chris Henley, Teacher

Sandra worked with my Grade Two class for 5 weeks setting up a series of neurodevelopmental games and activities engaging the children from the very beginning. Within just one week I saw improvement in hyperactivity, focus, and emotional regulation. The children became calmer and better able to concentrate throughout the day. Their improved fine motor skills translated to academic improvements in math comprehension, printing, and drawing. I would recommend this to any class teacher that is looking for an innovative approach to meeting their students' needs.

Melissa Darou, Mom

Sandra was my son's class teacher for three years. She is a skilled teacher, who uses her wisdom, skill, and creativity to identify and meet the needs of individual children. Thanks to Sandra, my sensitive, extremely bright, and fidgety son has become a thriving, confident student and class leader. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, mentor, and homeopath

Michelle, Mom

Our son has been working with Sandra since his diagnosis of ASD in 2020. He continues to make great strides in his development, can focus well on tasks at school, and is better able to understand his emotions and those of others. Sandra is kind, resourceful, and meets our son exactly where he is, encouraging what is best for him as an individual and not what a pre-programmed template might suggest. Her clear communication with parents is a true asset. Thank you, Sandra!

What makes Integra Learning a cutting edge program?







Drug Free


All of our Integra Learning Sessions can be done virtually.

“The task of education conceived in the spiritual sense is to bring the soul-spirit into harmony with the physical-life body”


- R. Steiner”

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