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“The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle, and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.”


– Dr. Samuel Hahnemann


(Pronounced Hile-koonst)

A holistic approach based on addressing blockages in the physical, emotional, mental, and soul bodies that create imbalances that present as symptoms.

It uses highly diluted substances that can get to the root cause of the symptoms and release blockages to initiate the self-healing process.


It gets to the root of the symptom

Within Heilkunst, blockages are seen as the root of traumas to the human being. They create shock, weakening the mental, emotional and physical systems. The remedies release the blockages in different layers and depths within the body restoring the harmonious flow of energy in the child's system.

Indoor Bonsai Tree
 Promotes Self-Healing
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Clearing the blockages initiates the body's own self-healing process that may involve many aspects and systems within the human being. It sometimes gets “messy”, but it is a necessary step for self-healing to take place and to bring balance to the whole system.

Safe & Gentle Clearing

The really extraordinary gift of Heilkunst medicine is that it aims to safely and gently remove the blockages without creating additional trauma in the process of healing, allowing the child to move forward through their natural stages of development, so that they may be able to express their full potential.

Possible Blockages to Clear
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  • Exposure to drugs and or toxins during pregnancy or early years

  • Emotionally-stressful prenatal environment

  • Traumatic birth

  • Separation of the mother early in childhood

  • Allergic reactions to vaccinations

  • Falls and or blows to the head

  • Major medical interventions

  • Loss of loved ones, divorce, moving houses

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