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Integrating the Spectrum

Learn how to confidently support your child at home with a powerful and practical drug-free approach for sensory, learning, and behavioral challenges. 

Has your child being recently diagnosed with autism or a learning, behavioral, sensory disorder?


You are probably

  • In never saw this coming

  • were told there is no treatment and the only thing to do is to cope with the symptoms, or use medication

  • Overwhelmed with the amount of information not knowing where to start!

  • Afraid -or shall I say terrified- for your child's future

  • Grieving because the life you thought your child will have is crumbling before your eyes

  • Stressed with all the things you have to do under extra pressure

Take heart! With or without a diagnosis you can unlock your child's  potential without the use of drugs.  There are things you can do right away to support your child wherever she is at to unlock their potential and make breakthroughs possible!

Imagine going grocery shopping with your child at ease


Your child eating a more and more varied diet


How about having more regular stools and potty trained? I know, total disclosure here :)


Imagine having more communication and connection with your child!

Peaceful sleeping through the night!

Your child going to a birthday parties and having more friends

More and more regular school days having fun and learning new things


All of this is possible with an integrative approach that addressess:


Gut- Brain Health

New biome.jpg

Gently Detox

Upside down world.jpg

Sensory-Motor Integration

Walk at your own pace!

100% Online, easy to digest pre recorded videos. Just show up whenever your can, however you want, wherever you are!



Simple and practical step by step program that tells you what to do, when to do it

Online family!

We've got each other's back no matter what! Nothing but inspiration, encouragement and

love in our community

Your questions answered

Weekly live calls to fine-tune, troubleshoot and get your questions answered

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